Through the lens

There is an astonishing thing about taking a photo. In the moments leading up to clicking the shutter, I often get this sense of fullness. Whether I’m chasing a sunset, slowly adjusting so as to not scare the unsuspecting animal away, or simply trying to make a person laugh to unleash their true smile, I … More Through the lens

The One I live for

If you’re not in love with the life you’re living, change it. This is a thought I came across a few years ago, but I used to believe that an impactful change was derived solely from self-choice. I didn’t fully understand the depth of the statement until now. They say college is the time in … More The One I live for

Hello world!

I felt that I needed a place to share. I’ve always loved writing and especially loved sharing my pieces with the world, so what better way then a blog?? I’ll spam with some previous works now and then update every once in a while. Hope you enjoy!